Best AR 15 Scope For The Money

Best AR 15 Scope

The AR-15 is easily one of the most recognizable firearm platforms today. Thanks to popularity, rifle manufacturers have quickly created every possible part and accessory for the AR-15. It has become a hobby for firearm enthusiasts to build their own AR-15 platforms. You can build specifically for self-defense, recreation, teaching, hunting or competitive shooting. Because there are so many AR-15 shooting styles, it has brought a wide selection of AR 15 scopes and optics in various price ranges. With select product testing and field experience, we have narrowed our list to find the best AR 15 scope.

As you can imagine, it took an extensive amount of time researching scopes and optics. Especially since there are so many manufacturers creating optics and rifle scopes built for the AR-15 platform.  We made sure we kept certain criteria in mind to keep us focused on finding the best AR 15 scope.  Our research focuses on cost, shooting style, quality, and purpose.

Sightmark SM26008Red Dot$
Vortex Optics StrikeFire IIRed Dot$
Nikon P-223Variable Power Scope$$
EOTech XPS2Holographic$$$
Vortex Viper HS-TVariable Power Scope$$$
Kahles Optics K16IVariable Power Scope$$$$
Vortex Razor HD Gen IIVariable Power Scope$$$$

Overview Of The AR-15

The AR 15 has become America’s favorite rifle and as soon as you start researching them you will easily find out why. The AR 15’s history dates back the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. That’s when the Chief Engineer of ArmaLite was the lead developer on the AR 15 Rifle. ArmaLite was originally designed to develop civilian market guns, and later work their way into military contracts. However, that plan quickly flipped. It didn’t take long for various branches of the United States military to take notice. They began requesting versions of the AR-15 such as the AR-5 and AR-10. This lead to ArmaLite licensing their AR-15 designs to Colt Firearms.

This lead to ArmaLite moving away from the AR -15 platform. Colt Firearms took over providing the AR 15 and later designating it as the M-16 when the Air Force began to standardize it as their primary gun. As time went on, the AR-15 or M-16 won and lost being the military’s primary rifle. However, in 1977 when Colt’s patents expired. Manufactures began copying the original AR-15 design and launching the modern sporting rifle that we see in most sporting goods stores today. Which in turn launched hundreds if not thousands of manufacturers into developing AR-15 parts and rifles.

What Are AR -15 Rifles Used For

Most people assume the AR-15 is only meant for Military personnel, however that is a common misconception. The AR-15 or a variation of it is still used in the military today, however, the evolution of the uses for owning an AR-15 has grown exponentially in the last ten years. Listed below are some of the most common uses for owning and shooting with an AR-15.


From the outside, an AR-15 rifle can look quite intimidating and complex. However, it’s like judging a book by its cover. Once you safely shoot an AR 15 for the first time, you quickly realize that they are simple to use and have very low recoil because of their design. This makes them a perfect rifle for teaching new shooters. On top of the ease of use, they are very accurate rifles making them great for teaching proper shooting skills.


Contrary to popular belief, the AR-15 can make a great hunting rifle as most are chambered in 55.56/.223.  This makes them perfect for small to medium game and with the right ammunition can even be great deer rifles. Especially for new or older hunters where the recoil would help reduce arm and shoulder injuries. Of course, there is even .308 caliber AR’s making them perfect for larger game as well.

Self Defense

Due to the accuracy of an AR-15, the gun has become a lot of gun owners personal home defense firearms. They are extremely reliable and easy to operate making them a top choice for self-defense. Thanks to gun manufacture competition they even have been able to come down in price making them quite affordable.


For shotgun owners shooting sporting clays, skeet or trap is easily the most fun you will have with your gun outside of hunting. However, the shotgun is one of the most boring and painful guns to shot at stationary targets. Which is where the AR-15 comes in. There is no better rifle to go short-range plinking with or even longer range target shooting with. You can easily find yourself burning through ammo with an AR-15 at the range.


There are three types of firearm individuals: the collector, the shooter, and the builder. Maybe you’re even all three!  The AR-15 has to be hands down one of the best guns to learn how to build. Every part that makes up the AR-15 is probably offered by over a thousand different companies. There are more aftermarket parts and accessories built for an AR-15 than any other firearm. Allowing you to custom build them to your specific style and need. Additionally, learning to build an AR-15 gives you the ability to learn how to fix them when they break or even have a greater appreciation for them.

Competitive Shooting

Like any hobby that you dive into, it doesn’t take long before you want to see how you stack up amongst others. The AR-15 is an incredibly accurate and affordable rifle. It didn’t take long for shooting competitions to arise such as 3-gun and many more. If you are looking to jump into competitive shooting, you should reach out to your nearest gun range. They’ll have plenty of details on how to get involved.

Farm Predator Control

As a rancher or farmer, predators and varmints can be a great nuisance or even financially detrimental. Therefore, having a firearm that can take care of such a problem is important. The accuracy of an AR-15 makes it perfect for the job. A pack of coyotes causing havoc to a farmers sheep or calves can be incredibly expensive. Maybe even an overpopulation of wild hogs is tearing up and ruining a farmer’s crops. An AR-15 can be a perfect tool for any farmer or rancher.

Choosing The Best AR-15 Scope

One of the final accessories or attachments for any AR-15 is the sights. It’s one of the last things that allows you to finally take your rifle out to the range and shoot. Some AR-15 rifles include iron sights of some kind making it possible to make shots with your stock firearm. However, it doesn’t take long to realize that the purpose you built or bought your gun for deserves an optic scope.

Now it’s no easy task trying to find the best AR-15 scope for your gun because first, you must decide what type of AR scope you need. Maybe you are planning on looking for the best coyote hunting scope and it requires you to take shots up to 150 yards. It may even be possible that you are looking at getting into plinking and sport shooting where 200 or even 500 yards is reasonable. AR scopes are built for specific needs and purposes and it’s up to you as the rifle owner to decide what you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend.
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What to Consider When Selecting an AR-15 Scope

Every AR-15 scope is designed for a specific purpose and many of them overlap from one brand to another. However, when looking to pick out the very best optic for your rifle keep in mind the following top buying factors:


AR-15 scopes range in price from less than $50 to over $1000 dollars but the higher the price doesn’t always mean the better the scope.


Even though you have an entire empty rail for optics doesn’t always mean you need to fill it, or does it? It really depends on your AR-15 purpose. Some optics can be less than a few inches and some long range scopes can be over a foot long. If you are considering carrying your rifle often and taking short to mid-range shots, obviously a large scope is not going to be the best choice.


Similar to size, weight needs to be considered.  When looking at long range scopes that can magnify out to 1000yards, it may be necessary for a scope of that caliber to weigh upwards of almost two pounds. Whereas some red dot optic scopes can weigh only a few ounces making it possible to maneuver quickly when competition shooting.


Depending on what you are shooting at, targets, wild game, amongst many other things, knowing the correct magnification is important to consider when purchasing a scope. There are plenty of scopes on the market that can make close-range shots but yet still make hitting a 500-yard target possible. There are also scopes that can make 1000 yard shots possible. However, those scopes can make it impossible to focus in on close range shots.


Finding a scope that withstands being tossed around and repeatably used while shooting has to be one of the most important criteria. If a scope isn’t made of high-quality parts and breaks down, it makes shooting almost impossible or at least frustrating. Therefore, having a durable scope will not only make sure you are able to fire when necessary but also ensure that you have a scope for years to come.


Brands determine many factors about a scopes specs. Selecting a brand is as important as the five other considerations. However, you may be surprised that some brands you have never heard of can still make some wonderful scopes for certain applications.


Types of  AR-15 Optics 

Thanks to multiple scope and optic companies, there are various types of sights that are designed for the AR 15. Listed are some of the most common types of scopes:

  • Variable Power Scope / Magnification Rifle Scope
  • Red Dot Sights / Reflex Sights
  • Holographic Sights


Best Magnification AR-15 Scopes 

One of the most common styles is a rifle scope with magnification. Scope sights are extremely popular for hunting or target shooting to provide accuracy with viewing your target. Trying to see a target with the naked eye at 300 yards or maybe even 700 yards can be quite impossible. Therefore having a scope that can magnify the target, provides you with the ability to properly see your target and make a shot.

There tends to be confusion with magnification rifle scopes when it comes to the power and numbers associated with the scope. Therefore, to help clear some of that up we are going to break down a scopes power and measurements to help you determine what scope is best for your AR 15.

What Does 4×32 Mean?

When selecting the best AR 15 scope you may come across numbers such as4x32 or 8×40, but what do they mean? Taking the 4×32 first, the 4 is the magnification power offered by that specific scope. Meaning that objects or targets appear 4 times larger than with the naked eye. Therefore, if you see a scope that says 8×40 that particular scope will enlarge targets by 8 times. Usually the higher the power the more expensive the scope. However, that isn’t the only caveat to a higher powered scope.

The higher the magnification the less you can see through the scope. For example, if you are looking at using your AR-15 for the shooting range and taking shots all within 100 yards. Having the power of a scope to see a coyote at 700 yards is going to be overkill. Because when you go to draw your AR on a 100-yard back target all you may see is a magnified black dot, but you can’t actually tell where you are aiming on that target. Because you don’t have a large enough field of view through your scope.

Higher magnification isn’t always better unless you are planning on using your AR-15 as a long range rifle.  Think of using low power, 4-8 for hunting and moving target shooting, and use the higher power settings 12-20 for stationary long-range targets.

What Does the 32 Mean in 4×32?

The second number of a scope refers to the size of the diameter in millimeters of the objective lens. Think of that as the opposite end of the scope you are looking through. If you’ve ever got into photography the larger a lens is, the more light that can pass through it. It’s exactly that, the larger diameter of the lens, the more light can pass through allowing the image to be brighter. The higher a scopes power is, the more light is going to be needed to view an image. This is why you see high powered scopes with very large objective lenses.

When purchasing a high powered scope, be sure to invest in the proper mounting scope rings to give your objective lens enough room so that it isn’t touching. It seems common sense, however, you can easily damage a scope by not giving it enough space and it hitting your rifle sight rail.

What Does 3-9×40 Mean?

Similar to the 4×32 the numbers before and after the “x” hold the same meaning. However, when you see the first number with a range, such as 3-9. It means that the scope has variable power. Meaning you can adjust the scope when shooting to a 3,4,5…,8, or, 9 magnification power. Variable scopes offer a lot of versatility for AR-15 owners. Especially if you are looking at hunting or target shooting, being able to magnify further targets can come in quite handy. However, they do come at a different cost than a fixed power scope.

Reticles or Crosshairs 

Riflescopes have what most people call crosshairs as the visual tool to know where the center of the scope is aiming. Better yet, if sighted in, the crosshairs made of an intersecting verticle and horizontal line, point to


where your bullet will hit when pulling the trigger. There are multiple styles to the reticles, such as plain, duplex and mil-dot. Each of these can be selected because of personal preference or even by scope manufacture. However, they each are a little different in look.


Plain refers to the crosshairs we described early. One horizontal line and another verticle line of the same line width intersect to create a center aiming point.


A scope with duplex crosshairs will have similar lines to the plain, however at the center where the two lines intersect. The line thickness tapers smaller, this makes it easier to see the larger darker lines on background objects. Duplex is one of the most common styles today.


Mil-Dot is becoming more popular for long range shooting and more precision shooting. The lines still intersect the same as plain and duplex. However, there are dots along the lines that are evenly spaced out. Providing shooters with measurements to determine alternate aiming points when bullets are affected by wind.


Red Dot Sights For AR-15 Rifle 

Ruggedized Miniature Reflex sight or RMR is another name for a red dot sight, which is a common classification for a type of non-magnifying sight for rifles, shotguns and becoming more popular handguns. Red dot sights have gained popularity for AR-15 rifle owners as they create an aimpoint that stays aligned with the firearm regardless of your eye position. Most red dot sights are illuminated by LED or collimating optics create a single dot as the reticle. Therefore, when shooting you don’t need to line up a front and rear sight, creating faster shooting responses and easier aiming.

Red dot sights have become quite common for AR 15 owners as they create a fast and reliable shooting sight. They are also very popular as short range shooting sights, as most red dot sights don’t offer magnification providing a larger field of view compared to the magnifying rifle scopes mentioned earlier.

Red Dot Reticles

Reflex sight reticles are measured in minutes of angle (moa) or milliradians (mil), most US sights will be measured in moa. A smaller moa number measures as a smaller dot while looking into the scope and vise versa for larger numbered moa numbers. There are advantages to having a particular size dot. For example, a close-range 20 yard shot may seem like having a larger dot would be more advantageous because you can visually see it better. However, as your target distance grows your moa dot may be too large and cover up your target at 300 yards.

Before selecting a particular moa, be sure to know what range you will be shooting at most of the time. Of course, there is no right or wrong answer only the one that fits your AR-15 shooting purpose.

AR -15 Red Dot Styles 

There are two common styles of red dot sights, both providing their own unique differences

  • Tube Body Style
  • Heads Up Style

Tube Body Style Red Dot Sight

Tube body red dot sights look similar to a rifle scope from the outside as they are made to protect and contain the lens of the red dot sight. They tend to be a little heavier than the heads up style. Some shooters also believe they don’t have as clear of a field of view because the sight isn’t as low profile as the heads up style. However, the tube style is a great AR optic and many shooters have the tube body style. It comes down to shooter preference.

Heads Up Style Red Dot Sight

Heads up offer a much more low profile optic along with a little lighter mounting weight. They, however, don’t offer the same protective housing that a tube body style offers. However, I’ve seen multiple heads up red dot sights dropped and put through the test for durability.

Best AR Holographic Sights 

Holographic sights are quite unique when it comes to optics. Many people tend to think they are red dot sights. However, it uses a completely different technology. The first one was invented by EOtech in the late 1990’s. They have some great advantages and a couple disadvantages, but first lets look at how they differ from a red dot sight.

Holographic sights use laser-driven technology and project a hologram of a reticle image in the optical viewing window. Therefore, the sight can be adjusted for windage and range. It also means since the hologram is a transmission there is no need for a sight window similar to a reflex sight. The sight simply looks like a piece of glass with a reticle in the middle.

Advantages of AR Holographic Sights

  • The virtual hologram can be any size or shape. Therefore, can pick any size MOA desired.
  • Combined with a magnifier only the target increases in size, the dot remains the same size. Unlike a red dot sight, where the dot increases in size as well.
  • Heads Up Viewing Style
  • 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional reticle.
  • Any pattern or shape reticle.
  • Night Vision Capable

Disadvantages of AR Holographic Sights

  • Shorter battery life due to the sight having a microprocessor using more power and more complexity than the red dot sights.
  • Higher Cost.


Now that we’ve wrapped up the ins and outs of the AR, lets take a look at the top scopes of 2018!

Best AR-15 Scope Under $100

Buying any scope for under $100 dollars is going to have its drawbacks. However, there are still great scopes out there that can get you shooting on target. The biggest things to consider when buying an AR-15 scope under $100 is to look for brand and durability. Scopes that are offered by reputable companies such as Vortex, Nikon, Bushnell or Sightmark are going to at least give you products that have durability and sometimes warranties.

Try staying away from knock-off companies that try and claim they can pack every scope technology in one scope. There is no way that high-end technology will all be included in a $100 dollar scope.

Sightmark SM26008 AR-15 Red Dot Sight

Sightmark was introduced in 2007 because of the popular modern sport shooting obsession. The company quickly gained traction and has since expanded its location to over a 30,000sqft facility in Texas. They supply hunting, tactical, home defense and Best AR 15 Scope Under $100competition shooting optics and scopes. They are currently sold throughout the nation in almost every brick and mortar store you can think of that has firearms.

Sightmark currently offers riflescopes, magnifiers, lasers, spotting scopes and red dot reflex sights. Which is what we have selected as one of the best AR-15 scopes for under $100. The Ultra Shot Plus red dot sight is one of the best sights you can mount on your AR-15 for under $100. The sight offers up to 1,000 hours of battery life with a selection of four different MOA patterns, and two colors: red or green. The optic is designed to attach to the top rail with a quick-detach weaver mount. Making it extremely easy to install and position on your AR.

The sight is pretty easy to get sighted in and remains true while shooting. The optic is cased in cast aluminum protecting the glass and optic components.

Reticle5 MOA Dot
3 MOA Dot w/50 MOA Circle
3 MOA Dot w/50 MOA Crosshair
3 Dot MOA)
Reticle ColorRed / Green
Battery Life180-2000 hrs
Size (LWH)4.4" x 2.3" x 2.4"
Weight9.2 oz.

Best AR-15 Scope Under $200 

When you begin to get into the $200 dollar range you begin to get some really nice optics. This price range gives you the ability to look at top of the line manufactures and it also gives you the freedom to shop around a bit and find a company that creates the best product for your AR-15 purpose.

Vortex Optics StrikeFire II Red/Green Dot Scope

Vortex Optics is an American company quickly overtaking the hunting and sport shooting industry with their high-quality products scopes and sights. They provide Best AR 15 Scope for Under $200spotting scopes, binoculars, rangefinders, and riflescopes. They have done business under other names in the past, but Vortex Optics has been a sole company since 2004, and is founded in southwestern Wisconsin by Daniel Hamilton.

We can’t say enough great things about the Vortex StrikeFire II scope. The scope is a highly durable design, making it perfect for any AR application. It can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -22 to +140 degrees. The StrikeFire II offers unlimited eye relief, giving you the ability to have rapid target acquisition with both eyes. It offers 10 illumination settings which is double the Sightmark, and also offers night vision capabilities. Thanks to the tube body style scope, it’s filled with nitrogen delivering waterproof and fog proof performance.

Included is a cantilever ring mount that locates the optic low enough to provide 1/3 co-witness with iron sights on a flat AR 15 rail. Which is always a nice touch if the battery happens to die on the sight.

Reticle4 MOA
Reticle ColorRed / Green
Battery Life300-7000 hrs
Size (LWH)5.6" x 1.45" x 1.45X
Weight7.2 oz.

Best AR-15 Scope Under $300

When looking at the difference between the $200 and $300 budget range. It doesn’t offer a drastic difference in quality, however, it does give you the option to start looking at higher quality variable power scopes. Which is exactly what we have picked out for our best AR-15 scope under $300.

Nikon P-223 3-9×40 Mate BDC 600

Nikon has been around making optic products for over 100 years now. Their most notable products are their camera, binoculars, spotting scopes and rifle scopes. Nikon was smart in following the modern shooting interest of the AR-15 platform, they Best Scope for 30 06 Riflesdesigned the BDC 600 Reticle specifically for the .223 Rem / 5.56 Nato round. This offered shooters open circle aiming points from 100 to 600 yards. This variable scope is perfect for the mid to long range AR shooters.

The scope offers a 3 to 9 power magnifier giving you plenty of power if you are looking to use it for a hunting or target scope. Plus the scope offers zero-reset technology meaning that it helps you zero in quicker and maintain settings after repeated recoil. The hand turn dials give you the ability to make aiming adjustments on the fly with 1/4 MOA precision.

Lastly, the scope is made of durable polymer and is nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed similar to the Vortex Strikefire. This provides a waterproof and fog proof performance.

ReticleBDC 600
Reticle ColorBlack
Magnification3x - 9x
Battery LifeNo Battery Required
Size (LWH)12.4" x 1" x 1"
Weight17.1 oz.

Best AR-15 Scope Under $500 

When you have a budget of $500 you begin to start getting into the latest technologies created for optics and scopes. A price range of $500 gives you the ability to look at every scope manufacturer. $500 dollars still doesn’t get you the top of the line scope, but it easily gives you a high-quality scope that will make most guns more accurate.

EOTech XPS2 – Holographic Site

In 1972, Michigan State Legislature established a non-profit institute, Willow Runs Laboratories. Later renaming it Environmental Research Insitute of Michigan or ERIM.

Best Holographic AR sightIn 1993, ERIM formed a commercial division to start creating spin-off companies, which later in 1995 was how EOTech was created. EOTech didn’t really make its name until 1996 when they won Optic of the Year Award, designing top of the line products for hunting and sport shooting. Later in 2000 was when they introduced their products to law enforcement and military markets, marking another Optic of the Year Award. This launched the US Special Operations and Marine Corps using Holographic weapon sights from EOTech as the standard as their close combat optic.

It’s hard not to get into AR 15 scopes without a EOTech optic. They make some of the finest and highest quality products money can buy. However, the EOTech XPS2 is the shortest, lightest and smallest holographic weapon sight EOTech offers today. It’s small size and weight makes it perfect for hunting, self-defense, and sport shooting. The one small drawback is that the XPS2 doesn’t offer night vision capabilities.  If you need that, check out the XPS3, but it may put you over the $500 mark. Second is the battery life, which we talked about earlier is a normal drawback with holographic sites. However, the benefits of a holographic site can easily make up for lower battery life compared to a red dot sight.

Reticle68 MOA Circle w/1 MOA Dot
Single 1 MOA Aiming Dot
68 MOA Circle w/two 1 MOA Dot
Reticle ColorRed
Battery Life600 hrs
Size (LWH)3.8" x 2.1" x 2.5"
Weight9.0 oz.

Best AR-15 Scope Under $750 

When you cross over the $500 mark you move away from red dot sights and start getting into long range rifle scopes. Not just any rifle scopes but some of the best providing power to make shots over 600 yards.

Vortex Viper HS-T 4-16x44mm AR Rifle Scope

We talked about Vortex’s fantastic red dot sight that was under $200, but we didn’t get to showcase their variable scopes until now. Vortex’s Viper HST (Hunting, Shooting, Tactical) line is one of the most versatile lines on the market. It’s hard to find anotherBest AR Scope Under $750 manufacturer that has created scopes built for every application. The Viper series can withstand extreme situations from mountain tops, tree stands, to being bolted onto AR rifles.

The Vortex Viper is built with Vortex’s XD Lens which increases resolution and color, resulting in sharper images with aiming. The scope is also fitted with argon gas purging preventing any internal fog from being produced in various temperatures and conditions. When you move to the internal parts Vortex has fitted the Viper with, the CRS Zero Stop feature, gives you the ability to return to zero after dialing in temporary elevation corrections.

The Viper is built for the long range AR purpose. If you are seeking to reach out to long-range targets or wild game then this is the scope that can get the job done and still keep you under $750 dollars. This is extremely hard to do for any high-quality rifle scope. Plus if you don’t already enjoy Vortex, they have a no hassle warranty policy.  They stand by all of their products and are sure to fix any damage or issues you will ever have with your scopes.

ReticleVMR-1 (MOA)
Reticle ColorBlack
Magnification4x - 16x
Battery LifeNo Battery Required
Size13.4" x 1.18" x 1.18"
Weight20.8 oz.

Best AR-15 Scope Over $1,000 

If you do have the honor of selecting a scope that’s over the $1000 range and money is not a problem, you are in luck because these scopes are insane. Once you get past the cost you begin to see how scopes can be made to almost perfection when it comes to quality and precision. We couldn’t decide on just one, so we had to list two for our Best AR-15 Scope Over $1000 section.

Kahles Optics K16I 1-6×24 SM1 Reticle Rifle Scope

Kahles is the world’s oldest rifle scope manufacturer, dating back to 1898. Currently, the scopes are manufactured and made in Austria near Vienna, with multiple dealers Best AR Scope Over $1000making them a global distributor. They are known for being the top innovator and inventor when it comes to quality and precision scopes.

We selected Kahles because of their history and legacy of making high-end rifle scopes. Therefore, we selected the K16i from them as the perfect AR-15 scope because it offers the largest field of view and yet is still able to provide a 6x magnifying power. The versatility a scope like this offers is vast for AR-15 owners.  Not only can you take the close shots, but you can also practice for long range shooting as well knowing you have this variable scope

If you begin to look at the components that make up the Kahles K16i, you can tell why they are superior.  They offer top of the line glass clarity, and illumination that can even be seen in direct sunlight and pure darkness. The materials selected to protect the scope are all made of a highly durable composition that has a 10 year warranty included.

Kahles’ scope is the best AR 15 scope when a budget is not necessary. Owning one isn’t just about owning the brand, it’s about owning a reliable, accurate, and durable scope that will provide many years of accurate shooting.

Reticle ColorRed
Magnification1x - 6x
Battery Life500+ hours
Size (LWH)10.9" x 1.18" x 1.18"
Weight16.9 oz.

Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6×24 Riflescope

Sometimes it’s just hard to be decisive, and that is exactly why we had to choose the Vortex Razor HD as well. If you are looking for a lightweight, true, and superior optical the Vortex Razor has to be the choice for an AR. Kahles’ scopes definitely have the Best AR scope over 1000legacy and quality, but it’s Vortex who challenges all of that with the ability to use this in any practical setting. The scope is built with such durability it can be used for any serious hunter or tactical shooter who is planning on utilizing their AR rifle every day. It wasn’t built to just look pretty and sit on the shelf, it was meant to be run hard.

The outer frame of the optics is made up of solid aircraft-grade aluminum creating a durable and scratch resistant shell. The scope is sealed with O-rings to prevent any dust, water, or debris from ever getting inside the scope. Plus, Vortex even injected argon gas to prevent any internal fogging occurring in a wide range of outside temperatures.

On top of such a well build scope is Vortex’s VIP unconditional lifetime warranty that means if you ever have an issue no matter the cause or caliber, Vortex will take care of this scope. Plus they didn’t even stop there, Vortex has made this wide field of view scope with such a light overall weight it doesn’t even feel like you would have the ability to have a 6x magnifier, but the scope does.

This scope is built to perform, delivering a shockproof, waterproof and lightweight scope made perfectly for the AR rifle owners.

ReticleG4 BDC (MOA)
Reticle ColorBlack
Magnification1.5x - 8x
Battery LifeNo Battery Required
Size (LWH)11" x 1" x 1"
Weight13.4 oz.