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Leupold & Stevens Inc is synonymous with the phrase “Relentless Performance”, and Leupold VX 6 HD scopes are a prime example of that. They make their Leupold VX 6 HD scopes relentless because they know you are. You don’t give in, and you certainly don’t back down from a challenge. You keep pushing forward, and that means your Leupold scope better keep up with you. Whether it is on the battlefield, in a competition, or on a hunt, you can count on your Leupold VX 6 HD scope to keep pace & best-in-class performance all the way to the end.

When The First Shot Matters

Put your eye to a Leupold VX 6 HD scope & you’ll immediately know the difference. Light conditions will no longer be a factor. The brightness, clarity, & resolution of this scope give you that edge you need when it really counts. Featuring a 6:1 zoom ratio & even an in-scope electronic reticle level, your Leupold VX6 HD is truly one of the most versatile Leupold scopes ever made. When your first shot needs to count, you can’t do any better than a Leupold VX-6 HD.

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Leupold VX6 HD

A Bit About Leupold Scopes

Leupold & Stevens Inc (commonly simply referred to as “Leupold”) is one of the most recognized brands in the shooting industry today. While many of their components are made all over the world, the headquarters behind the Leupold VX-6 HD scope is based in Beaverton, Oregon (just a short drive from Portland). The first Leupold scope was made way back in 1947, and the rest of the industry has been chasing Leupold VX6 HD scopes ever since then.

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Core Values Behind A Leupold Scope

Iconic Passion

Leupold’s legendary passion inspires them to produce great things. They serve something bigger than just great Leupold scopes: American tradition, freedom of the great outdoors, exhilaration and achievement, heroism and courage.

American Spirit Of Ingenuity

Each Leupold scope upholds their legacy of innovation through their creativity, hard work, and perseverance. Whether you’re talking about a Leupold spotting scope or a Leupold rangefinder, the primary goal is always elevating the customer experience and driving their business forward.

Field Savvy

They know what they’re doing with each Leupold VX6 HD scope doing because they are in the field, discovering what works and what doesn’t. By staying close to the communities they serve they are able to get insights into what each and every shooter is looking for out of their Leupold rifle scope.

Freedom To Dream & Discipline To Deliver

Nothing is as important as the freedom to explore and invent what could be and the discipline to execute it to perfection.

A Square Deal

A Leupold scope customer is always entitled to quality, value, and most of all, respect. One of the things that we love about this company is that the founding principle is exercised throughout their business as they strive to continually improve. They’re never content with even the best product they have, and getting better is the only option going forward.

Faithful Companion

Leupold is reliable and true in their commitments to themselves, to those they serve, and to those they lead. Loyalty begets loyalty, and their rapid fanbase certainly proves that.

True Collaboration

Together, anything is possible. They communicate openly with respect and candor, always doing what’s best for their customers and our company. By focusing on both the customer & their company Leupold stayed in business for over 100 years & ensures they will remain in business for another 100 years.

Thoughtful Stewardship

They lead with purpose and intent. Above all, they are ardent in living up to our family values and creating a company that future generations will be proud of.

You can view more about Leupold scopes on their official site here.